Work At Home: Tips To Organize Your Space

When working at home, it is important to create a real workspace, even if there is no room to devote to it. Organizing your office, even in a corner, will help you optimize your work time and at home

Working at home is very pleasant, and the temptation to do it from the couch is strong. But not having a place dedicated to work can promote deconcentration, while also provoking pain associated with poor posture.

Choose your space carefully

Whether you live alone in a studio or family in a 4 room apartment, finding the place to create a workspace is paramount. If you do not have a guest room to transform into a desk , you will have to encroach on another room: kitchen, living room, or even entrance, as long as you feel good!

Invest this space so that it is truly dedicated to work and without distraction. Install a desk, or a folding table if space is lacking, and shelves or wall shelves for your stuff. Thus, you will have everything on hand and will not lose time to come out again, without risking in addition to distraction.

Choose this space carefully: do not put yourself near a door if you fear the noises and the coming and going of your loved ones, avoid the windows if you like to daydream … Take into account that you will have to spend many hours in this place, so it must please you a minimum so that you feel good. You can also choose to decorate your space, in order to make it a place truly yours.

Isolate correctly

Do not hesitate to use subterfuges to isolate your desk: a screen, a curtain, Japanese panels or a shelf can make perfect separations. If the room is large enough and you feel the need, you can also put a removable partition, which will allow you to work in peace.

If you live with your family and have to work while your spouse and children are present, ask them to preserve your office. A noise-canceling headset can also help you focus better without risking a diplomatic incident with your family!

Take care of your body

In the same way that in a business you appreciate an office at the right height and a comfortable chair, it is necessary to have the right tools to work at home. Poor posture soon arrives, and the pains that accompany it will make you soon regret to work on your sofa rather than your desk.

So choose carefully your chair, as well as the height of your desk. Choose a comfortable armchair , swivel if you have a tendency to move, with armrests, a flat rounded seat at the knees and a backrest that fits your back correctly. There are coatings with anti-perspiration system or with massage effect. For optimal ergonomics, invest in an adjustable office, which can possibly allow you to work upright. You will find a wide choice in specialty shops like Frankel .

The light in the room is also important. Think carefully about the different lighting points . Do not hesitate to add a lamp on your worktop, without it being too strong, to avoid force on your eyes. If you are working on a computer, pay attention to the brightness of the screen, often too strong.

You create a professional, bright and practical workspace will save you time, concentration, and will additionally benefit your health.

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