Vertical Garden Design: Less Tiring, Less Cumbersome

What a joy to own his little piece of land and to make his garden there! For lack of space or for health reasons, it is not always possible to garden on the ground. Fortunately, the vertical garden is there to save you.vertical garden

Gardening vertically, the idea has something to look ridiculous and yet it saves us from many hassles. Difficulties to bend down, lack of space, if you have always wanted to have a beautiful garden but you had drawn a line on it for the reasons previously mentioned, we help you today to reconsider the project.

A lot of problems, a good solution

The type of garden we propose to discover today beyond its aesthetic aspect, is therefore the solution to solve several problems. The lack of space at first, so common these days, especially in the city where one must often settle for a small balcony. Superimposing plants then makes it possible not to sacrifice space while being able to surround itself with greenery. This allows space for classic table and chair furniture.

Second problem: the difficulties to lower. The maintenance of a space requires physical efforts and movements like to look more and more difficult to carry out with the age. If some people simply stop gardening, a system of overlaying helps limit the tiresome movement by having the plants at its height. No need to sacrifice this little pleasure of life. The other advantage of this type of installation is the possibility of maintaining the freshness of a place by covering the whole or almost the wall of vegetation. A good point for days when temperatures are scorching.

Prepare an adapted structure

When gardening on the ground, it is necessary to prepare the ground. Vertically, this is even more complex since it is necessary to create a structure capable of containing plants by offering them the possibility of growing while supporting their weight. For a wall of flowers, choose a metal grille to fix to the wall. Then invest in colored flower pots to install with a hook on the bars of the structure. Guaranteed effect. For aromatic herbs, retrieve a pallet, position it vertically, there also correctly fixed to the wall or held on the ground. Decorate it to your taste and then install the small pots of mint, basil or chives in it.

For a vegetable garden, look at the big picture. Retrieve a multi-story piece of furniture and install real bins that can hold enough soil for your plants to emancipate. Your structure must be able to withstand heavy weight. Small extra: on the sides of your structure, consider installing a shelf for your mini-watering can, sprayer and other tools. It is nice and it avoids once again to bend or waste of the place by scattering its accessories.

Thwart the traps of this type of garden

Practical, aesthetic, one sees only good reasons to succumb to this evil garden. However, some traps must be avoided to make this green area last. The first is obviously the lack of luminosity that may affect the lower plants if those at the top shade them. Think of choosing the place of each plant according to its needs in light.

The second mistake not to be made concerns irrigation. The structure first must bear to be wet without rotting. Moreover, the plants at the bottom of our installation must not receive more water than the others. It is thought then to install saucers and to prevent any overflows of water.

Finally, think about anticipating the growth of plants. They must have enough space, both in their pot and in their furniture to be happy.

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