Tips To Set Up A Student Studio In 3 Steps

Beginning higher education, for many, is the opportunity to leave the family nest. It is then necessary to move into his studio or student room, which must be arranged intelligently so that this tiny piece becomes a cocoon that one will not want to leave.student studio

Furnishing a studio sometimes resembles a real puzzle, so many limitations and constraints. Do not panic, we offer today to make the most of your apartment in three steps only. The cocoon you dream of is close by!

How to Set up a Student Studio

Step 1: I define my needs

You dreamed of this studio. A place finally to you where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Yes but now, the empty housing does not look like much …

First step to turn it into a superb apartment: define your needs. Before embarking on any attempt at development, ask yourself what is necessary for your well-being.

Do you need a lot of comfort to sleep? Are you going to receive people from your home? Will you eat often at home? Will you spend many hours working in this housing? These are some of the questions you will have to answer before you take action.

Step 2: I plan my development

After answering these few questions, you will definitely have a better idea of the cravings you have. It will then be necessary to organize the arrangement of your studio around the different positions that are important for you, all in a small space.

If you know the dimensions of your home, draw it, note the locations of electrical outlets, heaters, windows, possibly the chimney.

And because you now know what the most important needs are, you will know which elements to install there as a priority. A real bed because you need comfort to sleep, a work space to serenely study at home, a real dining table or sofa because you like to receive.

Draw several planes with several options. Move the furniture, plan. You will thus get a concrete idea of the limits of your housing. Because to arrange a studio, it is also to conjugate with the constraints of a small space.

Step 3: I am clever

Most students are confronted with two problems when they move in: to save space and furnish without spending too much.

For the first, nothing could be simpler. We prefer multifunctional furniture. For example, buy a table top with trestles to create a cheap office that will also serve as a dining table. On the bed, install cushions the day to make it a welcoming sofa.

All spaces must serve. Under a bed, slide storage boxes. Rather than a single and imposing coffee table, prefer several tables of different sizes that fit one another under the other.

For our second problem, that of avoiding to spend too much, one dares the recovery and the DIY. Transform a shoe box into a storage box to slide anywhere. Decorate yourself, in short, be creative and do what you have on hand. Your little student studio will be all the more charming.

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