Tips for Decorating and Fitting a Teen Room

As a teenager, children often need to have a space that belongs to them and in which they feel good. The room then becomes a cocoon where they take refuge at their leisure. But the bedroom of the teens, in addition to reflecting their personality, must also be comfortable and functional to sleep and study properly.teen room

Your child grows and the decoration of his room does not really correspond to his tastes. It may be time to relocate this space according to its desires and needs. So here are some ideas to decorate and decorate your teen’s room.

Well-designed facilities for sleeping and studying

Teenagers often have a busy schedule, between school, homework and extracurricular activities. That is why it is important to have a quality sleep in order to recover well from his days.

When deciding on your teen’s bedroom, pay particular attention to the choice of bedding. If you are short of space, prefer a mezzanine bed with a quality mattress, a sofa bed click-clac. If your budget allows you and the room is a good size, opt for a large bed and forget about the small beds reserved for children.

It is also essential to create a space where he can study serenely. Here, it will be necessary to choose a functional office and install it if possible near a window to benefit from daylight throughout the day. Do not forget to choose a comfortable office chair that will allow you to sit for hours without getting tired.

The rest of the room will have to be arranged according to the tastes and needs of the teenager. If he often gets friends, add extra beds. If he has books, comics or DVDs, install shelves to showcase them. Is this a fashion victim? Invest in a dressing-style storage cabinet.

On the walls, match colors or decline them

To bring a little life to your teen’s room, do not hesitate to form original color duos. You will create a unique and modern decoration. Duos that work well include black and pink, brown and apple green, gray and pastel yellow, and plum and white. To make the mixing successful, advise your teen to match a rather dark and fairly neutral tone with a more vivid and luminous color.

If your teen has a heart for a particular color, then have fun to decline to bring a little light and depth to the room. For example, if its fetish color is purple, use a very dark purple on one of the walls that you will complement and soften by a pretty pastel purple.

A 100% customized decoration

Teenagers often consider their room as a private apartment that has to match their personality. Once the layout and the biggest of the decoration finished, propose to your teenager to bring his personal touch to the decoration. Out of inspiration? Here are some ideas to submit.

To create a cozy atmosphere, install a light garland in a corner of the room, above the bed for example. Under the garland, hang a thread on which your teenager can pin, using clothespins, photos of his best friends. Above the desk, place a cork board that will receive postcards, train or plane tickets from his travels etc.

By cutting letters in colored paper, he can reproduce on one of the walls his favorite quote, a replica of his favorite film or the lyrics of a song he likes. Part of the decoration can be devoted to music. Then use old vinyls to hang on the wall and posters of his favorite artists.

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