Stylish Bathroom Ideas – Trends And Inspiration For Dream Baths

A bathroom to relax, a retreat for cozy moments and a space to recharge your batteries – all combine modern bathrooms. Here, builders can set up their bathrooms quite differently. With these three design ideas, each bathroom becomes the highlight in the house.Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Natural elegance in the bathroom

Nowadays, more natural materials are used in bathrooms: rustic wooden consoles create wonderfully curved washstands, pebbles in the shower wake up wellness mood and dozens of plants recall a walk through the forest. Naturally-looking details ensure relaxation and well-being, and that is what most builders want – so the natural designs fit into the bathroom so well.

For the elegant note, high-quality ceramics or even wash basins and bathtubs made of mineral cast. The peculiarity of the fine material lies in the soft and pore-free smooth surface. The elements are cast directly into the mold so that each design is made possible. Builders choose between a free-standing bathtub, which they stage in the middle of the room on a pedestal or a conventional rectangular bathtub. For the view this is by a border of tiles in wood look. Even if the wall tiles are chosen in the same look, a beautiful fusion of the individual areas is shown.

Examples and further inspiration can be found here, for example, at , an online shop with countless baths. The ideal colors for a bathroom à la natural elegance include all greens and browns, as well as creamy white, beige and soft orange. Bathers should choose simple, beige floor tiles, put on the walls on wood and otherwise also integrate a lot of wood into the bathroom by means of shelves. A fluffy carpet and towels in white tones give the room the necessary rest.

Modern and Nautical in harmony

Nautical bathrooms are popular as ever! Who has not yet admired a bathroom in the style of the North Sea Flair? There are some challenges to master, as the decoration with mussels alone is not enough. Only bathrooms, which are decorated with Herzblut, spread the light holiday feeling, after which we all year long. However, too much decoration can quickly turn kitschy. It is better to limit yourself to a few expressive accessories.

These tips give incentives for the design of the nautical bathroom.

  • In memory of walkways and boats, wood is a must in the nautical bathroom. A rustic base cabinet for the wash basin is just as suitable as the shelf in the fashionable used look. The floor can also be filled with wooden floors or tiles in wood look.
  • Round shapes remind of waves, so all bathroom furniture should be rather round instead of angular. This also applies to the fittings and showers.
  • Create an eye-catcher: anyone who is skilled in craftsmanship builds a shelf from an old paddle boat. The drawers and storage facilities create storage space for all the cosmetics in the bathroom, as well as the paddle and the paddle underline the holiday ambience.
  • Blue and white, the classic. A nautical establishment lives from the play of colors from gentle blue and white shades. How about a striped carpet, the rough north sea coast as a wall painting or fluffy towels? Well comes the shower curtain in nautical design or a toilet seat with dreamy motif.
  • Lastly, North Sea fans choose the right decoration. Instead of laying shells in the bathroom, you can fill a picture frame with them. Also driftwood and light green plants fit the concept. This makes you feel as if you were on a dune.

Shabby Chic Style Bathroom

Another furnishing style is Shabby Chic, It is about the design of a room with romantic, old, restored and new elements – it is almost allowed, what pleases and its charming character. In living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, this style of living has long since arrived. For some time, more and more builders have set up their bathrooms in the shape of the Shabby Chics. The good news in advance: The bathroom does not have to be perfect. Anyone who currently resides in an apartment for rent or does not want to renovate can improve the bathroom by simple tricks: light green, pink or beige tiles from the 80s are not only ok, they are ideal for shabby chic. They show that the bathroom has something experienced. It’s not fresh, not clean, but has history! The light pastel colors make a comeback anyway – albeit in a rather decent version. The fact is, they conjure a smile to their lips and spread well-being.

If you prefer a white bath in color, you can bring life into the bathroom through targeted accessories. One idea is to turn an old chest of drawers into a washstand. With a turquoise lacquer in the used look it looks great, neutral brown tones fit just as well. Towels and curtains should choose bathroom design necessarily color. Pastel is recommended again, but also accents in wine red or romantic rose patterns are just as good, as playful animal motifs from the 20s and 30s. If you redesign your bathroom, you should not choose the most modern forms, but rather combine the fame and glamor of past years in the bathroom. For example, twirling knifes with ornate cross-talks make the language of Shabby Chic ideal.

WC and toilet seat come in a classic oval shape, wash basins are spherical and can either be wall mounted or seated on a substructure attached. The shower may be a bit more modern and have floor-level access. By the way, shower systems, a combination of head and hand showers, provide more wellness. When designing the bathtub, builders are free. Whether freestanding, built-in rectangular bathtub or corner bathtub with an apron – all designs and ideas match the Shabby Chic, in so far as the decoration is right at the end.

Decoration is the Shabby chic centerpiece

Is the base correct? Then it goes to the decoration – the heart of Shabby Chic. Antique candlesticks get their place on the tub rim and put the bath in a romantic light. Old shelves and consoles create the necessary storage space. If you like, you will find ideal furniture at a flea market, as well as exchange exchanges and housing resolutions turn out to be a stroke of luck many a time. With the right craftsmanship, the secretary of the grandparents can also be transformed into a bathroom furniture. Hard wax oil and varnish make the antique four-legged water resistant and guarantees the eye-catcher in the bathroom.

There are also vases, cans and baskets, which come from different decades and together form a magical picture. The white etagere prepares room for all nail polish while the razor disappears unobtrusively in a drawer. With Shabby Chic, all possibilities are open; the mix of materials, colors and epochs makes the home style something special and quite individual.

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