Student Room: How To Create A Cocoon

Student life marks an important period of transition from adolescence to adulthood. And if you have a space of your own, it’s always exciting, so make it a pleasant and welcoming place to live, an essential element to start your new life serenely.student room

You dreamed of it, now it is done, you have a place of your own, far from the family home. But by putting your feet up for the first time, your student room does not look like the image you had.

Do not panic, in a few simple tricks, you can easily transform this place without charm into a warm and authentic cocoon.

Strengths and weaknesses

First mistake not to make when settling in its new habitat: do not make a complete inventory of the place. Indeed, every space, however small, has its own characteristics. You will have to take stock of its strengths in order to make the most of it and its defects to try to rectify them before embarking on its development.

The room seems sad, a little glaucous even? The color of the walls or a used floor may be at the origin. A shot of paint on the walls and a carpet on the ground will allow you to rectify the shot at less cost. A stale smell? Perhaps it is due to a moisture problem. Install an air dehumidifier or mechanical ventilationto clean up space. Think also that standard lighting rarely highlights a room. With a shade that diffuses a beautiful light or different lamps arranged in the corners, your student room will finally look great!

But the place can also be full of positives. A large window that lets a lot of light pass? Install your office nearby for maximum benefit. Numerous tidying up and shelves in chaos? Perfect! Set up your business but also and especially your decorative items for a room that looks like you.

Customize to the maximum

When you put your feet up for the first time in your student room, you can be a little disappointed by the look that you imagined more engaging. And this can deter us from fully investing the place and making it a real “home”.

Do not be put off by the decor if it is not to your liking. See this place as a white canvas. If you can, empty the furniture that you do not like and install your own furniture, or even build furniture to your liking using pallets for example.

Customize as much as possible by painting the walls, installing curtains at the windows, a bedside lamp, a lamppost, a light garland but that’s not all! Bed linen can also help decorate the place. Choose it colored and / or cozy. Think that you will win these items with you and that this decoration budget is not therefore not used at a loss.

Finally, delimit various small spaces in this place. A sleeping area / night, an office area, a mini dressing room, a library space, do not just put your furniture at random and think of the slightest corner.

Surround yourself with familiar objects

To really feel that this room belongs to you (although it probably had dozens of occupants before you), have not only decoration objects , but also and especially sentimental objects.

We obviously think of the photos of your loved ones but not only. The poster of your favorite movie, a scarf sprayed with the perfume of a person you love, a plush, a cushion you were offered, cups brought back from your travels, postcards received, written words by relatives, train or plane tickets arranged here and there, that should turn your student room into a cocoon that you will never want to leave.

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