Several Tips for Designing Colored Kitchens

In decoration, opting for one or another color palette influences. Color is a key to play with space and sensations and is that right with the tone can transform this space.Colorful kitchen designs

Colorful Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen is for many homes the soul of the house, the epicenter where the family meets around the table and catch up. It is also the place where we cook our favorite dishes and the recipes that will pass from one generation to another.

Therefore, it is one of the most important spaces of the house and as such, should receive the attention it deserves. When designing the kitchen of our dreams, we should not only look at the elements that compose it or its functionality. It is also very important that this space of the house is adapted to our needs and at the same time reflects our personality.

The trends in kitchens have undergone many changes in recent years, but has always been a place for kitchens color. If your color is your thing, the houses happy and alive, we recommend that you choose to dress the furniture of the kitchen with your favorite colors.

Although we love white kitchens, the full color kitchens bring much more joy and personality to a home. In an open kitchen concept, the color adds continuity to the decoration of the room and can even rob you of the leading role.

The colorful kitchens are also aware of the latest trends and are designed with decorative keys in mind. Before installing a kitchen with doors of some color, it is important to choose a tone that suits our personality and that integrates with the rest of the decoration of the house. Not all colors are valid.

The possibilities are endless when designing our kitchen in full color. One of our preferred options and that works best, is to choose different colors at the top and bottom. Normally, a neutral color is chosen as white, gray – the combination of these two tones is a guarantee of success for the kitchen – or black for one of these parts, and a more striking color for the other.

Colors such as yellow, blue or green are the most demanded for this type of kitchens. But the green in its different shades, is undoubtedly the one who takes the palm in the design of colored kitchens. In contrast, colors such as red, orange or black, which were so prevalent in kitchens 10 years ago, have gone to a better life.

The matt colors are the most attractive to give a touch of color to our kitchen. Let us forget the patent effect or mirror that marked the first years of this century.

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