2 Sep 2017

Bathroom & The Trend To Minimalism

If the bathroom used to be the place of daily body hygiene, it is now a place of rest, contemplation and relaxation. A bubble bath puts the stress of the day into the background and you can
30 Aug 2017

Heat Insulation Composite System: Various Insulation Materials For Different Requirements

Costs accompany a client not only during the planning and construction phase of a property, but also in the form of energy and maintenance costs. Since these can occur in the complete course of the utilization phase
29 Aug 2017

Change Of Wallpaper Compulsory? Tips For The Quick Transformation Of The Living Room

In the living room the whole family can relax, exchange and have a lot of fun together. This makes it all the more important that this place conveys a sense of well-being. However no matter how well
29 Aug 2017

Age-Appropriate Living: Security In The Bathroom By A Complete Restoration

Age-oriented living means holistic, independent living in your own four walls. Often instead of a conversion of the own flat, in which one has lived for years, however, either a move to an already senior citizens right,
28 Aug 2017

Put On Solar Energy – Small Guide For Your Own Solar System

In times of new ecological consciousness, there was a serious rethinking of energy supply in Germany. It is not only since the energy turnaround, which has been called by the Federal Government, that renewable energies are on
28 Aug 2017

Furnishings with Oak Furniture: Matching Living Styles and Color Coordination

Oak is one of the most popular types of wood and is particularly bright in the living area with its high-quality charm. However, there is a wealth of possibilities to present oak furniture convincingly. Which living-room variant