Furnishings with Oak Furniture: Matching Living Styles and Color Coordination

Oak is one of the most popular types of wood and is particularly bright in the living area with its high-quality charm. However, there is a wealth of possibilities to present oak furniture convincingly. Which living-room variant is in harmony with which colors and how best to integrate oak furniture can be found here.

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The perfect home style for oak furniture

Oak is characterized as a surprisingly versatile wood. It is particularly appreciated in furniture construction for its robustness, long durability and attractive surface . The grain varies – from the light tone of the kernels to darker, earthier nuances – so the oak has some facets in stock.

However, this should be matched with the color and the decor , because not every style of furnishing fits every type of wood . This is why we have put together a small selection of ideas:

Country house style with oak


The use of wood is particularly popular with the country house style. Other common materials are rattan, clay, stone and ceramics. The impression of naturalness is important , which is why handmade furniture is ideal for furnishing – including high quality oak furniture . It provides exactly the right country-house impulses for the viewer. Choose outdoor-inspired furniture generally according to this principle of naturalness. Bright oak in particular harmonizes perfectly – it is typically used as a dining table with matching chairs, as a cabinet system or even for floors.


Common components, the country style you can, for example, from the antique-style borrowing, or from the vintage style – in both the place original character of oak again very good. Here the so-called used look is in demand. Blurred colors (super-light oak!) And rough surfaces are in this case. You can also work with decorative elements made of zinc or porcelain with floral patterns – you can trust a little creativity and combine your oak furniture with fabrics made of cotton, linen or even leather.

Trend colors

If you opt for a variant of the used look, faded colors are the best choice. As a general rule, the country-house style is aimed at natural colors. Grelles is rarely encountered here and rather disturbs the harmonious overall picture. So that you do not sink too much into pale notes, stripes or points help as fresh accents. You can also use a strong red or blue-white . Always matching is also a classic woolen white , which also looks great for cushion covers, as well as a restrained dark blue (for example, for walls) which provides for modernity. Metal tones are always welcome.

Oak in colonial style


In principle, the colonial style can be described as a mixture of European furniture and the charism of the former colonial powers . The very broad term “colonial” means styles from different continents, which is why both Asian and, for example, South American furniture are intermingled. As regards the oak, it has a special application area as a furnishing element. Dark oak furniture, in particular, plays a major role in the power of action – it brings with it a certain weight which reflects the magnificent character of the colonial period .


Among other things, exoticism is a striking feature of this style. As mentioned, the dark wood of the oak fits perfectly – but be careful – your room can quickly become dark. For this reason, dark furniture should be placed as an accent in the room, but should not dominate it. For this reason, a bright decoration is also recommended . Such points of light would be tropical flowers such as orchids, or bright linen, rattan or leather as decoration components. Souvenirs that remind you of traveling perfectly fit the colonial feeling: maps, old suitcases or a globe fit seamlessly into the overall picture.

Trend colors

Especially modern colonial style colors are currently yellow hibiscus, kiwi, a paradise green, orange, Caribbean blue, turquoise, rattan and mahogany, or lovely tones like Mandevilla.

Tip: in the case of the color selection and also in the patterns, you are limited to a connecting element that you then consistently install. Otherwise a too large mixing machine is produced.

Oak in modern furnishing style


The great thing about this variant are its many facets . Typical is the style mix , where you can combine your oak furniture relatively easily. Still very popular are the vintage style, as well as shabby chic and the notorious used look. Small spots of beauty and traces of use are used here as a means of creating something new. For this reason the oak, which corresponds to this ancient touch, fits again. In this case, both bright and dark furniture are right in place. What distinguishes the modern style is its claim to ecological living. Materials are preferably made from renewable raw materials- resource conservation and healthy environmental awareness are important. Since oak is particularly durable , it can meet this requirement for generations.


Interestingly, this style revives popular patterns and old craftsmanship . There is a variety of patterns and colors here – but watch out for a clear thread. An indiscriminate filling of space can have a quick effect. Instead, choose an element that you can use again and again.

Trend colors

Classic ornaments harmonize, for example, with flower patterns, checks, circles or blossoms – if you belong to a color family! Otherwise, calm yourself in the world of colors. The ethno-style, for example, focuses on folkloric elements and is quite exciting with neon colors. Here it is necessary to show individual curiosity.

Floor with oak

The choice of the floor is not to be neglected for the correct effectiveness of the oak. The best thing to note is 3 basic rules:

  • Inconspicuous grain: modest patterns score with oak furniture
  • Not too similar: cherry or pine are less beneficial with their similar tones
  • Light on dark / dark on light: light wood on dark floor and vice versa

Parquet and laminate floors, for example, harmonize well with oak, as long as the colors are compatible.

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