Change Of Wallpaper Compulsory? Tips For The Quick Transformation Of The Living Room

In the living room the whole family can relax, exchange and have a lot of fun together. This makes it all the more important that this place conveys a sense of well-being. However no matter how well the living room may be furnished, somebody needs a little change of scenery. And this can be realized with some simple tricks.wallpaper contemporary living room decor

Wall design – more courage to color

Furniture from A to B and thus create a completely new constellation – this is by far the easiest way to change your own living room a little. If that is not enough, you should dare directly to the walls. This is exactly what you have seen after years. Many people are of the opinion that dark colors on the wall make a room appear gloomy and uncomfortable. But often the opposite is the case. Colors such as dark gray, deep blue or anthracite create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Small details such as pillows, vases and carpets in bright colors provide for loosening.

Art in combination with pastel tones

Alternatively, pastel tones can be used to create the appropriate flair in the living room. It does not have to be the walls, which shine in pink, cream or mint. Even with simple decoration articles a great effect can be achieved. Boring walls can finally be embellished with unusual pictures. In particular, abstract works of art combine well with pastel tones – even on one of their own walls.

Alternatively you can have a picture of the last holiday immortalized on acrylic glass. With image processing programs, the snapshot can be adjusted in color to the overall setting of the living room. On the subject of pictures there is also a small but important tip: these should be hung up so that you have them sitting on the eye, as pictures from this height can be viewed much better.

Nature elements for more harmony

Anyone who has furnished his room with wooden furniture can easily add fresh accents – for example, with decorative cushions with subtle natural motifs, some fresh branches or just the right wall pictures. Thus, in the right combination, each room becomes a place to relax and rest. With dry branches, furniture such as, for example, a simple chest of drawers can easily be upgraded with ease.

To do this, the old handles must first be unscrewed. In the branches, which you want to install instead, holes are drilled for the screws with a drill. Then they can only be attached to the chest of drawers with screws and made from behind with a nut – and viola: the old piece of furniture shines in a new light. If you opt for a more nature in your own living room, you should have some restraint in the color selection. The best choice is for calm and warm colors – for example, sand tones.

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