Bathroom & The Trend To Minimalism

If the bathroom used to be the place of daily body hygiene, it is now a place of rest, contemplation and relaxation. A bubble bath puts the stress of the day into the background and you can enjoy the time undisturbed.minimalist bathroom

But it has not only changed the way of use. The design has also adapted to modern needs over time. In the past, many people used ornamentation, such as a doil, a variety of figures, motifs on tiles and borders, so today the desire of people to minimalism.

Past the times of country house style with the decorated doors, moldings and natural wood optics. Currently, the bathroom is characterized by minimalism, which combines its functionality with stylish elegance in its own way.

What is minimalism in the bathroom?

What can we imagine in the bathroom? In short, the bathroom is reduced to its core area. Everything unnecessary and impractical disappears. Thus, the bathroom is no longer provided with different bathroom closets.

The shape of the bathroom furniture has also changed. These correspond to the basic forms of the geometry. Very clear forms are used and many different but natural materials. In the past rich ornaments were used, today the accents are set by different materials and colors of the surfaces.

Minimalism is not just a trend

But this trend does not only look good, it also brings some practical advantages. In many parts, the bathroom furniture has no longer been placed on the floor. Instead, they are attached to the walls. So the soil has become free in many places, which is also beneficial to hygiene. If you had to wrestle with many hard-to-reach corners when you wiped it, you can easily clean any part of today’s minimalist suspended cabinets.

And the surfaces have also changed. If the bathroom table still often uses granite or similar materials, wood is experiencing a renaissance here. The wood is often only oiled in the minimalistic style – so its natural character is preserved and seems almost untreated at first sight. The look looks modern due to the used shapes, but has a classic appearance due to the natural appearance of the wood. The wood also takes its toll. Oiling is protected, but if water is present over a longer period of time, this can lead to unsightly stains.

Manufacturers have recognized the change in the bathroom

In the minimalist style is also so popular mirror cabinet over the sink vanished. Whereupon the closet has disappeared. On the mirror you do not have to do without. This is usually so attached to the wall, that you can not recognize the fixation at all, but can only guess. It often seems to stick to the wall or even to float.

The manufacturers have also recognized this change and adapted their products to the changing needs of the customers, since, in addition to the furniture, the washbasins and bathtubs have also changed. Villeroy & Boch, a company with an age and experience of over 260 years in the field of ceramics is one of them. Several models were designed to match the minimalist style. With the Subway 2.0 and Venticello design series, the company shows that they also deliver the well-known quality in new ways.

Villeroy & Boch has here tailored ceramics. In addition to the matching shower trays and toilet bowls, V & B also offers complete bathroom cabinets with integrated sinks.

A trendy innovation is the installation of a bidet. This should be considered when building or renovating a bathroom. While the bidet is known to many people from holidays in southern countries, it is on the other hand in the German spa landscape in coming. This development has also been recognized by Villeroy & Boch and therefore offers various bidets for the model series Subway 2.0 and Venticello. With its rich offer from a single source, the bathroom furniture, wash basins, showers are perfectly coordinated.

As already mentioned, the flow signal has also been subject to these innovations. While in recent years small tiles with motifs and borders have been a hit, the trend is with minimalist style to large tiles. Partial even in Naturoptics and with structure. On the floor are often quite large, darker tiles are used, which with the bright tiles on the walls are in a strong contrast. Thus the bath, in contrast to the usual whiteness, loses in sterility and it gains more depth.

Minimalism in the bathroom – apart from the actuality also variety

This depth is further underlined by the elimination of lavish bathroom flooring. On extensive bathing rugs is largely dispensed with. Mats made of natural fibers, such as coconut, have proven to be a suitable alternative. There is a point of use, for example directly in front of the washing table. It is no longer customary to cover the floor with bathing rugs as large as possible, but to use them selectively and practically.

If, therefore, a renovation or a new bath is pending, you can leave your creative self free. An interesting feature of this minimal trend is, besides the actuality, its diversity. Because of the simplicity it can be combined with the right hand with many accessories and furnishings. Even with a country-style d├ęcor, a symbiosis of the old and the new arises, which is perceived subliminally positively and authentically.

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