5 Keys To Get A Vintage Style Decoration In Your House

The vintage style in decoration is one of the most acclaimed by lovers of interior design and after reading these lines, your house can also show it.Vintage Style Decoration

This way of understanding the decoration every day has more adepts, and is that no one can resist incorporating pieces from decades past to bring a retro air to your home.

But a vintage style home is not a house full of furniture and antiquarian pieces. The key to its success lies in a balanced mix of mid-century pieces with more contemporary furnishings and objects. If we choose carefully each piece, we will get the style we are looking for without saturation and what is more important, without aging the space.

Nowadays it is very easy to acquire vintage pieces in markets, fairs or specialized stores. The important thing is to know what are the furniture and objects with soul that would bring to our home that personality so charismatic of the decade of the 50 and 60. For that we are going to give you 5 keys with which you will surely get a vintage style in your home.

Keys To Get A Vintage Style Decoration

  1. Pieces with industrial past: Furniture and objects that were part of old factories, schools, post offices or other trades, have become authentic pieces of collector. Wooden filing cabinets, doctor’s cabinets, industrial lamps or heavy iron tables are some of the pieces most sought after by vintage fans.
  2. Pickled furniture with vibrant colors: if you manage to make yourself with an old wooden cabinet-style cabinet, cupboard or closet with a lot of life, rest and give it a painting with a vibrant tone. The secret is to do it with pickled effect, it is imperative that you continue to demonstrate your age.

This type of furniture is perfect for dull and lifeless corners. They are so versatile that you can incorporate them in any space of the house or change the color according to your needs.

  1. I always capitulated: Vintage lovers have found in the capitoné their best ally. The armchairs, chairs or armchairs upholstered with this technique and decorated the houses of the middle of the last century, are perfect to start in the vintage style.

The legendary Chesterfield sofa is one of the most sought after, especially the aged leather. If you run into one do not let him get away.

  1. Scandinavian design of the 50’s: furniture, lamps and objects designed during the 1950’s in the Scandinavian countries are the vintage pieces par excellence. Many of them have over time become iconic design pieces . All the houses of vintage style have at least one furniture or decorative object of the golden age of the design.

Our favorites are the Nordic wooden sideboards, the Danish armchairs and the white porcelains.

  1. Lamps with a touch of gold: Vintage luminaires that work best in any space always have a golden touch. From small wall sconces to stunning crystal chandeliers. The choice of a good lamp is essential to finish completing the vintage look of our house. The more special the piece the more personality will bring to the space.

We are sure that with these five keys you can start in the vintage style without dying in the attempt. Once you are inside you will not be able to escape its charm.

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