5 Ideas To Flourish Your Facade

What could be more romantic than a facade nicely decorated with a glycine or a climbing rosebud embalming in the beautiful days? Too often neglected, the façade can become a key feature of your garden!facade flower

5 ideas to flourish your facade

If you are tired of your gray and sad wall, embellish it with flowers! Here are 5 ideas to help you easily decorate your façade, for a colorful and fragrant result.

1. Climbing plants

Climbing plants are the easiest way to cover nicely and quickly a façade. But before you start, pay attention to your exhibition! Some plants need sunshine more than others, do not hesitate to ask a gardener for advice. Also, some plants will require a wall bracket to grip and then cover your wall. This is the case with glycine and clematis, but also with table vines, which will offer you a grape harvest in October. If you do not like grapes, prefer virgin vines.

Climbing roses and climbing hydrangeas are popular and do not need support, and they are mostly easy to maintain. Finally, you can opt for ivy, which is a safe bet and that does not need support either, but it can damage your wall by clinging to it.

2. Well selected planters

Pretty flower boxes can also give your garden a seal. Choose Provençal for a holiday look, modern to be in the air of time, or vintage to remind you of the summers at grandma’s! Arrange them carefully and brighten them with plants and flowers. Do not hesitate to plant several flowers in the same pot for more diversity, provided they have the same water and sun needs. Finally, avoid the falling plants that could hide your beautiful planters.

3. Falling plants

On the other hand, these falling plants can be perfectly used to conceal old pots and to bring keys of color on the facade. Hang several planters on your wall and install either a pelargonium or a geranium for a touch of classicism; a lobelia or a calibrachoa for a fresh and spring result; petunias or blue and white bellflowers to enjoy their beautiful colors. You can also opt for a plant without flowers with ivy, as easy to maintain in a pot as on your facade.

4. A plant wall

For a perfect coverage of your façade, you can opt for the installation of a plant wall . The big plus of the plant wall is the double thermal and phonic insulation it provides. There are ready-made ones, but you can also create your own, either by selecting your favorite plants and hanging them on a frame, or by starting a horticultural felt support on which you will need to install an irrigation system. Be careful, however, fixing it to your facade, not to damage this one!

5. Play originality and recycle your furniture

If you have an old wooden or bamboo shelf, a ladder you do not use, or even pallets, recycle them! After grinding them, paint or varnish them and install them in front of your facade. All you have to do is to have as many flower pots as you want, of all sizes and colors! Bohemian effect guaranteed!

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