15 Sep 2017

5 Ideas To Flourish Your Facade

What could be more romantic than a facade nicely decorated with a glycine or a climbing rosebud embalming in the beautiful days? Too often neglected, the fa├žade can become a key feature of your garden! 5 ideas
15 Sep 2017

Vertical Garden Design: Less Tiring, Less Cumbersome

What a joy to own his little piece of land and to make his garden there! For lack of space or for health reasons, it is not always possible to garden on the ground. Fortunately, the vertical
8 Sep 2017

Work At Home: Tips To Organize Your Space

When working at home, it is important to create a real workspace, even if there is no room to devote to it. Organizing your office, even in a corner, will help you optimize your work time and
8 Sep 2017

Tips To Set Up A Student Studio In 3 Steps

Beginning higher education, for many, is the opportunity to leave the family nest. It is then necessary to move into his studio or student room, which must be arranged intelligently so that this tiny piece becomes a
7 Sep 2017

Student Room: How To Create A Cocoon

Student life marks an important period of transition from adolescence to adulthood. And if you have a space of your own, it’s always exciting, so make it a pleasant and welcoming place to live, an essential element
7 Sep 2017

Tips for Decorating and Fitting a Teen Room

As a teenager, children often need to have a space that belongs to them and in which they feel good. The room then becomes a cocoon where they take refuge at their leisure. But the bedroom of
2 Sep 2017

Stylish Bathroom Ideas – Trends And Inspiration For Dream Baths

A bathroom to relax, a retreat for cozy moments and a space to recharge your batteries – all combine modern bathrooms. Here, builders can set up their bathrooms quite differently. With these three design ideas, each bathroom
2 Sep 2017

Bathroom & The Trend To Minimalism

If the bathroom used to be the place of daily body hygiene, it is now a place of rest, contemplation and relaxation. A bubble bath puts the stress of the day into the background and you can
30 Aug 2017

Heat Insulation Composite System: Various Insulation Materials For Different Requirements

Costs accompany a client not only during the planning and construction phase of a property, but also in the form of energy and maintenance costs. Since these can occur in the complete course of the utilization phase
29 Aug 2017

Change Of Wallpaper Compulsory? Tips For The Quick Transformation Of The Living Room

In the living room the whole family can relax, exchange and have a lot of fun together. This makes it all the more important that this place conveys a sense of well-being. However no matter how well